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Tiger Property Solutions knows the most efficient scope of work. Let us take care of the whole process so that everything is completed, saving you both time and money. Construction is our business. We are the experts, so you don’t have to be!

One great benefit to working with Tiger Property Solutions is that we’re a one-stop shop and all work is under warranty. Rather than trying to coordinate multiple construction teams, let us take care of the entire repair process.



Tiger Property Solutions specializes in repairing storm damage to flat roofing, tile roofing, shingle roofing and metal roofing. Our expert staff can handle all aspects of residential and commercial roofing. We deliver all phases of roofing in a professional manner at a competitive price and in a timely manner, with a thorough cleanup.

From skillful repairs to preventive maintenance, all your roofing problems in can be solved by calling Tiger Property Solutions to discuss your roofing needs. We will provide an honest assessment of your situation and the condition of your roof and then advise you on the most cost-effective roofing options available to you.

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Vinyl Siding Services

Just like roofs, vinyl siding can also be damaged by storms. Hail and debris can cause dings that create areas for water to gather, leading to corrosion, pooling water, and ruined walls.

Our crews work fast to replace your siding, and can do a whole property in a couple of days. Most jobs, especially storm and hurricane repairs, can be completed faster because most insurance policies only cover only the side of the building with storm damage.

Gutter Services

Gutters can get damaged, broken or dislodged during a storm or hurricane. It’s important to get gutters repaired quickly to avoid bigger problems. Insurance companies will usually replace any rain gutters impacted by storm damage, either in full or partially.

Even with gutters that have faded through years of sun exposure, Tiger Property Solutions can use special technology to find the closest match. We’ll look at your gutter, repair it, and make it as good as, or better than, new.

Window Services

In a hail or wind storm, windows are often damaged from hail or debris. It can be extremely hard and frustrating for property owners to try and match new windows with their existing frames.

Tiger Property Solutions can easily match your current windows and seamlessly repair any damaged frames or panes.

While our focus is repairing damage caused by storms and hurricanes, we can help refit any property with an entirely new set of windows. If you decide that you do want to replace all the windows, Tiger Property Solutions can help to recommend new windows that will look great and fit your budget.


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